Hosting questions

Will FASTERSAFER.NET place ads on my site?

FASTERSAFER.NET does not place ads on any of our customer sites.  On free accounts, there will be a small link at the bottom to FASTERSAFER.NET, but it will not be an ad.  All regular hosting plans (Lite, Basic, etc) do not contain ads or links of any kind.

Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?

Yes you can upgrade at any time by filling out our upgrade form.  It is free to upgrade and the only charge would be the price difference in the plan you upgrade to.

Do you have a large download file I can test your speed with?

To test our download speed, please download the following zip file: (1.74 Megabytes)

Can I see some of the websites you host?

Here's a couple of our hosting plan holders who would like to have you visit them:

  • Heritige Ranch Mens Golf Association, a golf club
  • Bob Cantin Entertainment, a musician
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.  On a special-case basis, we can accept personal checks, money orders, cash, and bank transfers.

    Are your servers Unix-, or Windows-based?

    Our servers operate on Red Hat Linux version 9.0.

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Do you allow adult content?

Generally speaking, so-called adult content is not allowed. Additionally, our servers are located in Houston, Texas, so your site must comply with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding adult content.  You should inquire in advance if you have any concerns that your content might not be allowed.

Is sales tax included with my monthly or yearly plan?

All taxes and fees are included in your plan price.

Do you offer a web-based control panel for my site?

A control panel is provided to all users at no additional cost (cPanel).  Note that, depending on your plan level, you may have access to more or less options in your control Panel

How often will I be billed?

All packages may be paid for using a monthly or annual billing cycle.  The methods of payment accepted can be found in the previous question

Can I host my friends' websites?

If you choose a plan which allows you to host add-on domains, the answer is yes.

How long will it take to setup my account?

Your account will be setup very quickly after placing your order.  (Normally in 0-24 hours.)

Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?

There are no hidden or extra fees associated with any of our hosting packages.

How long has FASTERSAFER.NET been in business?

In it's current form, FASTERSAFER.NET has been operating since summer of 2013.  For answers to other company-related questions, please review our Company Info page.

Can I purchase additional bandwidth or disk space?

If you require additional bandwidth or disk space, you may visit Account Management to upgrade to a larger plan.  If you would like to purchase additional disk space or bandwidth, but do not need a larger plan, or if you need more space than our highest plan offers, please email us at sales@FASTERSAFER.NET to discuss custom package options.

Do you offer telnet or shell access?

For security purposes, we do not offer shell/telnet access on any of our plans.

Wordpress Remover questions

Why do I have to use your WordPress plugin to remove my WordPress?

The process of changing your site requires your authorization. Installing and running the plugin with your admin account ensures that you are really the owner of the site. You don't want anyone else tampering with your site, right?

Can I still keep my theme?

Yes, in most cases. (But we will remove any potentially insecure or unsafe elements, and any elements that are not compatible with HTML sites.)

Can I still keep my old WordPress running?


Can I still create and edit pages and posts?

Your site will be "flattened" into regular HTML files, so you will no longer be able to make dynamic updates and changes. This is consistent with the purpose of the WordPress Remover tool. However, if you still wish to maintain your blog, consider running WordPress separately. You can re-convert it to HTML using WordPress remover and then republish it whenever you make changes.

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Can I still have users and comments?

Users require passwords, security, and logins. So no, you will not have users in the HTML version of your site. Future comments will therefore be disabled. But your already-existing comments will be preserved of course.

Will my plugins stop working?

Your old plugins will not work anymore in the new HTML site. However we are developing many replacement plugins that will accommodate most typical sites:

  • RSS enabler
  • Contact form
  • Google analytics
  • Google ads
  • Page hit counter
  • XML sitemap
  • Photo gallery
  • Media player
  • Google calendar and events
  • Social media widget
  • RSS feed display
  • Related posts (planned)
  • Send newsletters (planned)
  • Automatic twitter/facebook/etc posts (planned)
  • Ecommerce (planned)

Is WordPress Remover available to the general public?

WordPress Remover is currently under Alpha testing with select clients only.  Check our Static Hosting page periodically for updates, as this tool is connected with stic hosting release cycles.

Hmm... Do you use WordPress Remover to convert the site I'm on now?

Of course! =)

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